So, what is it to become a Regional Distributor for the HealthScope System? Well, to put it simply, it gives you an opportunity to purchase an area (nationally or internationally) to sell the HealthScope System for profit as well as make money on every single report produced within your purchased area!  This area can be as small as a city or as large as a state.  Either way, all HealthScope Systems sold within that region gives you an opportunity to profit.  Then, as each system generates reports, you will begin creating a residual income for you and your family indefinitely!  

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A Cellular Approach to Nutritional Consulting
25 Systems Purchased - $500 Per System = $12,500
50 Systems Purchased - $500 Per System = $25,000
75 Systems Purchased - $500 Per System = $37,500

25 Systems at 5 Reports Weekly - $10 Per Report = $1,250 Weekly
50 Systems at 5 Reports Weekly - $10 Per Report = $2,500 Weekly
75 Systems at 5 Reports Weekly - $10 Per Report = $3,750 Weekly

ANNUAL RETURN = $60,000 to $180,000 (Plus the Initial Sales Commission of $12,500 to $37,500)

*These projections are very conservative; a good distributor could produce a much higher volume.

Let's say that you purchased the Regional Distribution rights for the State of North Carolina.  You begin promoting the HealthScope System to doctors, chiropractors, herbalists, estheticians, and personal trainers throughout the state by utilizing the marketing material provided by our company.  Within a month, you have already sold 10 systems.  That would give you an estimated profit return of $5,000 just by distributing the systems. 
      Now, the professionals that have purchased the systems each conduct a minimum of 5 sessions per week; this equals 50 reports per week.  You receive $10 per report which means that you will have profited $500 per week indefinitely!  As long as reports are being generated by the systems you have distributed, you will be guaranteed to make residual based income!

As you continue to distribute more systems within your region, your residual income will continue to grow as shown on the diagram to the left. To learn more about becoming a Regional Distributor for the HealthScope System, please contact us.  Regions are selling quickly, so be sure to be prompt before you miss your opportunity!