We understand in today's economy that the cost of integrating something new into your current business may cause you some hesitation.  Although the average return of purchasing the HealthScope System is well worth the investment, we offer our Leasing Program to those practitioners or individuals seeking to utilize our system for just a day or two per month.   This gives you the opportunity to utilize our powerful and state-of-the-art application without having to purchase the entire system.  Our company has found that most practitioners that lease our system end up purchasing within a short period of time due to the demand and excitement of their clientele.

HOW IT WORKS:  Once you contact our company and inquire about our leasing program, we will check to see if the leasing option is available in your area.  If so, we will connect you with your regional distributor to discuss pricing and the terms and conditions of usage. Once a date has been set that you will receive the HealthScope System, you can advertise and schedule your clientele as desired. Finally, the system (including the software and "how to" instructions) will be shipped to your location.  After usage, simply ship the package back to your regional distributor.

POTENTIAL PROFIT:  Let's say you lease the HealthScope System and schedule 8 people to participate in the HealthScope Screening Process.  Each one of those individuals pays you $50 for the 13 page descriptive report on ways to reach optimal support levels.  That equals $400!  After paying the leasing fees to your regional distributor (based on your demographic location), you will find that it leaves a nice return for your company for doing nothing more that offering an exciting way for your clientele to reach optimal support levels.

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